Santorini Restaurant & Ammos Beach Bar

101 Ocean Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139. Tel (305) 672-6624

South Florida’s food connoisseurs know that the area’s best-kept secret is the Hilton Bentley’s very own Santorini by Georgios. Santorini epitomizes authenticity by offering the highest quality of homemade Mediterranean cuisine that will leave your taste buds wanting more.


Santorini is a secluded Greek gem among South Beach Miami restaurants and is the perfect spot to cure any of your possible hankerings. Looking for a daily buffet breakfast, complete with pancakes, waffles, bacon, an omelet station and fresh fruit? How about a light and refreshing lunch while conducting that important business meeting or, even better, filling up your beach body without filling it out? Or is it that you’re looking to bring your family and friends out for a night of hearty food and great entertainment? No matter what you’re looking for, Santorini can grant that wish.


Prepare yourself to walk into a different world — as if there was a portal between Miami Beach and Greece.  Local celebrity chef Georgios presents a unique dining experience by giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a variety of Mediterranean dishes throughout the day. Whether you are dining at the restaurant, lounging by the pool, or basking in the sun at the Bentley Beach Club, Santorini is there delivering you top tier food options. Whether your indulgence is jumbo shrimp pasta, fresh locally caught lobster every day, savory lamb chops or prime ribeye steaks, Santorini has options that satisfy everyone’s favorite cravings.


The Hilton Bentley also offers impeccable room service catered by the restaurant. Not only is the food available at all hours, any day of the week, but it can be delivered to you wherever you are on the property. The superior bartenders delight in crafting cool citrusy drinks for your enjoyment as you take in the sunshine and surf on the warm sands of South Beach. The chefs pride themselves on catering room service that cures any late night cravings that may strike you at any given moment of your day.


You are on vacation, there to enjoy life to the utmost, with a minimal amount of effort. At the Hilton Bentley South Beach / Miami, our staff and Santorini’s full service cuisine combine to provide a serene getaway. No effort, no worries, no problem.

The Hilton Bentley Hotel celebrates the arrival of Santorini South Beach:  Santorini, a unique place that offers something for everyone providing fresh mediterranean cuisine which embraces Greek cultures. It is a place with its own special character, which prides itself in offering a true freshness and specializing in the biggest shrimps, fresh local lobster caught everyday, lamb chops, and prime steaks.

Santorini Miami holds a special affinity for the Miami Beach way of life and its unique lifestyle which offers the finest in modern comforts. Whether it’s dining at the restaurant, lounging at the beach or simply relaxing in the pool cabanas, Santorini Miami enhances & augments the daily life year-round.


Santorini Miami South Beach at the Hilton Bentley

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101b Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Located at the Hilton Bentley South Beach (South of 5th)

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